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Privacy Policy

Your Privacy

Dated 03.04.2021

We are aware that privacy is very important for our users, hence, the privacy of our website users are very important for us. The Privacy Policy aims to provide the necessary information regarding the purposes for which the data you share while using Trader Companies website or mobile site, with who this information may be shared and the security measures we apply for protecting your privacy.

By using Trader Companies website, mobile applications and other communication channels of Trader Companies, you accept the matters stated in this Privacy Policy and give your consent to Trader Companies in matters stated herein.

Any disputes arising from Trader Companies Privacy Policy shall be governed by the laws of Turkish Republic and Istanbul courts and enforcement offices are authorised in the resolution of disputes.

What Data Can Trader Companies Collect?

  • May collect, your name, surname, address, date of birth, city of residence, phone numbers, e-mail address and all other contact information,

  • R. ID number for the Turkish Republic national users,

  • Passport information for foreign national users,

  • Your order information for the product or services you purchased over our website,

  • Your information regarding payment instruments and invoicing.

For Which Purposes May Trader Companies Use Your Data?

  • May use for contacting with you written or call,

  • Send your digital product via email,

  • For providing the most suitable and rapid services when you reach us,

  • To enhance and improve our products and services by analysing your personal preferences,

  • To produce statistical data with regards to your using habits of our website and mobile applications, to present special offers or you by examining this information with reporting and analysis methods,

  • To get in contact for introducing you our products and services and for the promotions and campaigns we form that we believe would be beneficial for your,

  • To protect the safety of life and property of the Trader Companies employees, institutions that provide services to Trader Companies or their employees or the customers of Trader Companies, or to perform the legal obligations, including compliance with the rules stated in this article, or the requests of the authorised administrative institutions.

With Who May Trader Companies Share Your Data?

May share with the following business partners of Trader Companies;​

  • 2Checkout,

  • İyzico,

  • With the employees of Trader Companies in the country and outside the country,

  • With the authorised administrative institutions and other related persons if required by law.

​The customer (end user) is informed that the information regarding the payment method, membership and order is transferred to 2Checkout or iyzico Ödeme Hizmetleri A.Ş. for the purpose of making the payment and preventing, investigating and detecting the payment irregularities, and by iyzico in the most up-to-date version of the Privacy Policy at  address. It consents to the processing and storage as described.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are small data files that are placed in your computer by the internet web server via your browser. When a connection is established between your browser and the server, the website recognises you through cookies. The purpose of using cookies is to provide convenience to the user who visits the website. In general, internet browsers are predefined to accept the cookies automatically. Browsers may be adjusted to prevent cookies or warn the user when a cookie is sent to the device. Since cookie management differs from browser to browser, the help menu of the browser may be visited for detailed information. The life of the cookies differs depending on the browser adjustments that the user made.


The data you send while browsing Trader Companies website or mobile applications are protected by an encrypted communication channel called SSL. To benefit from SSL, your internet browser shall support SSL and the SSL options of your browser shall be enabled. Your credit card information used during the purchase phase of our products and services reach the banks with being encrypted by one of the most secure payment systems, 3D Secure system. Your data is only stored as long as it is necessary for our business needs or legal obligations. Your credit card information is not stored on our servers.

Commercial Electronic Messages

The data you send while browsing Trader Companies website or mobile applications are protected by an encrypted communication channel called SSL. With regards to commercial electronic messages, during the product or service purchase phase from Trader Companies, you accept to receive electronic messages, over your contact information under the communication permissions, about the products and services provided by Trader Companies and business partners, new product and services, or other information that Trader Companies believes you will find attractive. Within this scope; you may stop certain or all of the messages from being sent to you from the communication properties section in the messages sent to you.

Latest policies will be published in this page with publication date.

Privacy Policy : Metin
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